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Cagliari is a modern city, sparkling and constantly in motion. Here the past, the present and the future meet and find their own personal balance.
Discover what to see in Cagliari and start your tour of the city from our boutique hotel, located near the main attractions of this beautiful destination, between wildlife, history and culture.


The medieval district of Castello (Castle) is the symbol of Cagliari and the first destination for a city tour. Founded by the Pisans in the early thirteenth century, it shows its imposing walls, the Pisan towers of San Pancrazio and of the Elephant and the narrow streets filled with ancient palaces. You can visit the elegant Viceregal Palace, the old Palace of the city now converted into an exhibition space, the cathedral of Santa Maria and the Museums Citadel, home to the National Archaeological Museum, a veritable treasure trove of history and art.


The Stampace district, probably the oldest of the four historic districts of Cagliari, is situated to the west of the Castle, ideally divided into two parts: the upper part with its narrow alleys and streets that meander through the old houses and the lower part, characterized by vibrant streets full of shops and clubs. In the upper part, the heart of Stampace, stands the church of Saint Efisio martyr, to whom the people of Cagliari are very devoted, as who is credited with the liberation of the city from the plague in the 17th century.


The Marina district that stands between the port and the upper part of the city, is characterized by several narrow streets, very ancient palaces and beautiful and interesting churches. Among the most famous and important ones is the parish of St. Eulalia in the Gothic style, the one of the Tomb, belonging to the order of the Templars and that of St. Augustine. Originally populated by families of fishermen and port workers, today is the most multi-ethnic district of Cagliari, rich in restaurants, inns and taverns where you can taste typical Sardinian dishes and especially the authentic Cagliari seafood.


The district situated at the foot of the east slope of the hill where the Castle is located, had an agricultural origin proved by the numerous orchards and vineyards that surround it. Today you can see its old part, characterized by simple homes on one or two floors and the new part further downstream with new buildings sprung up since the 1930s. Villanova, in the old part, in addition to ancient temples of worship, is home of the two most ancient archconfraternities dealing with celebrations of the authentically Spanish (Jesuit) matrix holy week, with singers still today recruited between the original popular families of the neighborhood.


The urban park, dominated by wild nature, covers 350,000 square meters and offers beautiful views over the town and the Poetto beach.


The botanical garden of Cagliari was founded in the mid-18th century and today is an open park, where you can admire the many Sardinian typical floral species.


Established in 1999, the Park is an area with one of the most important international value in Europe. Inside there are many animal species, including the beautiful flamingos.


A large green space north of Cagliari, ideal for a relaxing walk, a bit of jogging or for children to play in the four reserved playgrounds.


A very large and very long coastline, where you can admire the beautiful pink flamingos and relax in the sun.


It is characterized by pines and juniper trees, while the coast is composed of fine sand, perfect for relaxing beach days.


In the municipality of Quartu Sant’Elena you will find this beach with spectacular sea bottom and crystalline water, let yourself be conquered by its beautiful colors.

SU GIUDEU/h2> A pochi passi da Torre di Chia si trova questo litorale ampio e a mezza luna, che regala a tutti i suoi visitatori un panorama mozzafiato.



Multifunctional complex opened in 2011, designed to accommodate musical and cultural events of all kinds. In the park, which includes a set of squares, green spaces and trees, the Opera House and the Conservatory of Music are situated, symbol structures of the city of Cagliari.


Located in the green area of the Public Gardens, the gallery houses the Ingrao collection, consisting of works, mainly paintings, dated between the mid-19th century and the end of the 20th century. Here you will also find a selection of works by Sardinian artists, ranging from the early 20th century until the 1970s.


The National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari offers a chronological and didactic course of the history and culture of Sardinia, which goes from the Pre-Nuragic Age (about 6,000 BC) until the Byzantine period (eighth century A.D.). There is also an exhibition of the materials according to topographical criteria.


The Cathedral of the Saint Mary of the Assumption and Saint Cecilia e di Santa Cecilia It is the most famous place of worship in the city. Built in 13th century, in Pisan Romanesque style, it was renovated during the 17th and the 18th century with references to the baroque style.
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Centro Cagliari
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Stampace Cagliari
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La Marina
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Villanova Cagliari
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Monte Urpinu
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Orto botanico Cagliari
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Molentargius - Saline
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Parco Terramaini
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Cala Cipolla
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Mari Pintau
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Su Giudeo
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Teatro Lirico
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Cattedrale di Cagliari
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Galleria comunale d'arte
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Museo archeologico
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Parco della Musica
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Via San Vetrano, 1 - 09131
Cagliari (Ca)
+39 3473007279
Codice IUN E8089


Fernando is a gentleman. He was very helpful and gave us many tips to get to know the south of sardinia. The rooms are very pretty and well decorated.
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